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  • Kris was always available when I needed her. If she didn't have an answer for me, she found someone who could answer. Kris goes above and beyond. I have recommended her to others. - Heather Fox, Wellman
  • Kris was outstanding! She was always available, always extremely friendly! We knew we could trust her. - Susan & Justin Collier
  • This was my first home sale and Kris Westfall made the entire process extremely easy. She has an excellent reputation my local community, was always quick to respond to any questions, and was committed to helping me find the right buyer. While selling a home is always a little bittersweet, it's nice to know that as one chapter of my life is closing, a new chapter is starting for another family and Kris helped to make that all possible. - Laura, Riverside
  • she was amazing she was so helpful and understanding to us for being first time homebuyers I loved her and would recommend her in a heartbeat!! Love her!! So professional & sweet! - Sydney Miller Kalona IA
  • Kris Westfall helped us purchase a property while we were relocating to the Corridor area. Kris is knowledgeable about the relocation process and the Corridor area. She helped us find a property that fit our needs, within our budget and timeline. We had a good experience with Kris and we will hire her again when we eventually sell our current property. - Brock Rouse, North Liberty, Iowa
  • Kris Westfall was easy to contact at any time and very accommodating with meeting in the evening so I didn't have to take time off work. Very helpful with the purchase. - Glen Beachy, Wellman
  • Happy first time home buyers!

    Kris assisted me in buying my first home. Kris had my number, she knew my price range, and the areas I was interested in living in and she said she would keep an eye out. It turns out we didn't have to wait long. We found a beautiful home, the perfect size. Kris gathered any details we needed to make our decision. I never felt she was pushing me. In the weeks preceding the closing, never once did I hesitate to contact Kris. In fact she encouraged me to. In the time of immense confusion, and slew of activity that closing on your first home is, I can't convey how much of a relief it was to have her in my corner. Beyond the business side of buying a home, I never once felt Kris was trying to make a sale. I trusted in her experience, but I always believed that she wanted this more for me than for her. I encourage you to put your trust in her as well. I'm confident that she'll put you in a home you'll be as happy as we are today. - A. Holland
  • Kris was great!

    Kirs was always available when I needed her. She also gave me some good advice about selling my home in Illinois. This was the third time that Kris helped me buy or sell a home! - B. Craig
  • Kris is amazing!

    Kris was very helpful! We worked with her a few years ago when selling our first home and she was awesome during that difficult process. - N. Koshatka
  • Happy Sellers!

    Kris has a very nice personality and stays on top of business. She is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. - D. Kozishek
  • Prompt!

    Kris was prompt with all correspondence. All questions and voicemails were answered or returned very quickly! - K. Trimble